Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bhasad Explained


One of my bhasadu friends (chotaBhasadu) along with the inputs from many of us(bhasadus) came up with this very beautifull writeup on Bhasad.

It is extremely difficult to start this bhasad of explaining ‘bhasad’. The reason being, bhasad cannot be explained, bhasad cannot be read about, bhasad cannot be written about, bhasad cannot be… Too much of ‘bhasad’, already, isn’t it? Then, what ‘exactly’ is bhasad? Make one thing very clear, bhasad can never be ‘exact’, so it cannot be answered ‘exactly’. Since, there does not exist a solitary definition of ‘bhasad’, an attempt is made here to make the reader familiar with some of the zillion aspects of bhasad and its usage.


The primary form of ‘bhasad’ is perhaps, noun. In its noun form, it can be considered as lack of order or disorganized or unstructured or… The reader can add few more as per the situation. Bhasad can be of varying degree – ranging from disorder to utter chaos!


Kya bhasad hai?

Bahut bhasad hai.


In its verb form, ‘bhasad’ means an act of sheer folly or an illogical act. In other context it could also mean an act of creating trouble. Again, ‘bhasad’, in its verb form has a huge range. It can be small foolish pranks or serious war-like trouble.


Usne bahut bhasad ki.(He did lot of bhasad)

Bhaisaab, khatarnak bhasad hui, us din to! (Dangerous bhasad happened that day.)

Iraq par USA ne hamla kar ke bhasad macha di. (US did bhasad by attacking Iraq.)


The adjective form of ‘bhasad’ is a subtle variation of its noun form with a ‘u’ appended to it making it ‘bhasadu’. It qualifies an entity to be useless. In this form too, it has a wide reach. Starting from ridiculous or worthless, it can also mean terrible.


Kya bhasadu shirt pasand ki hai tumne. (What a bhasadu shirt you have selected.)

It was the most ‘bhasadu’ performance by Indian cricket team in 2007 World Cup.


‘Bhasad’ in its adverb form gives qualitative or quantitative information of a verb to indicate the degree of verb more clearly. It indicates as to how badly an act is performed.


Woh to bhasad gata hai. (He sings bhasad.)

Ekdum bhasad fielding thi apni. (It was a very bhasad piece of fielding.)

Apart from these basic forms of bhasad, there are unimaginable and inexhaustible forms and meanings of bhasad. For instance, one could name someone or something as bhasad, one could use the term bhasad when nothing comes to mind and several such. There is a live example of a gentleman, affectionately named, Bhasad-kumar midst of the writer and writer’s roommates.

By now, the reader might have conceived a notion that ‘bhasad’ is largely, a negative term. However, that is not the case. Above-mentioned is just an elementary explanations for bhasad. In fact, ‘bhasad’ can be used very effectively to convey positive meaning. Even in its positive form, it has a very wide scope – from being good to great.


Uski kuchh shayriyon me sahi bhasasdu shabdo ka upyog tha. (It means that his shayriya were decorated with nice bhasadu words.)

Australian cricket team ne teen World Cup se bhasad macha ke rakhi hai. (It means that they have played fabulous/bhasadu cricket in the past 3 world cups).

Also, ‘bhasad’ is a root word. So, one is at liberty to form stems out of it. Examples – bhasadu, bhasadism, bhasodiye(group of bhasadus). However, all these should have the essential ingredients of ‘bhasad’.

But, the real power of ‘bhasad’ lies in its versatility. It can be molded, casted, type-casted from ridicule to sublime and vice-versa in no time and with ease.

Philosophically, though, it is a ‘way-of-life’. It is a school of thought which teaches that bhasad has to continuously evolve and re-evolve. God has given unique capability to humans (the most bhasad animals on this planet) to ‘machao’ (generate) bhasad of incredible levels. Hence, one should keep striving to achieve higher-and-higher levels of bhasad. And as the saying goes, it has to come from within. It cannot be taught very satisfactorily. However, one can learn it by being in company of bhasad public and pick up few traits of creating and being bhasad by observing those who have the in-born talent to do bhasad.

Finally, one has to experience ‘the’ bhasad to enjoy it. Keep persevering towards doing innovative bhasad. Bhasad is what separates the humans from well-programmed robots. Bhasad is omnipresent. Pursue it passionately.